Iran on the Path to Earning Trillions Through Bitcoin Mining

Popular Pakistan TV host and video jockey, Waqar Zaka, says Iran could become one of the richest countries in the world very soon due to the authorities renewed interest and effort towards providing an enabling environment for mining activities in the country.

According to Zaka, Iran could also be able to circumvent the torrents of sanctions imposed on it by the American government through Bitcoin. America, under President Trump, had imposed stringent trading relations with the Asian country, which made it difficult for them to participate in international trades. The country believes that it would be able to participate in the international market by using the crypto asset for its international transactions.

The TV host mentioned the fact that the Iranian government owned over 40,000 Bitcoin mining machines that its local miners were using for this purpose. This is a viable money making venture that could make the country one of the richest in the world in the nearest future.

Max Keiser, another host of a popular TV show in Russia, and is renowned for his pro-BTC view also shares the opinion of Zaka. According to him, the policies and activities of the governments of Iran and Venezuela have put them on the path of earning trillions of Dollars. 

It should be noted that the Iranian government lifted its ban on crypto and began its foray into Bitcoin mining last year. The government had stated their intentions of purchasing all the digital assets that would be mined by local miners in the country plus it enacted a pro-BTC regulation that would help it negate the sanctions of the US government.

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