Iranian Cyber Police Arrests Jack Dorsey’s “Genesis NFT” Buyer

Iranian Cyber Police has nabbed the buyer of Jack Dorsey’s first ever tweet, taking over his Twitter account in the process. 

The arrested suspect, who is the CEO of Bridge Oracle, Sina Estavi was said to have been arrested on the account of disrupting the economic system. The arrest was announced via a pinned tweet on Estavi’s wall after the police took over his account. 

The quick translation of the Iranian tweet is read as follows:

“The owner of this account was arrested on charges of disrupting the economic system by order of Special Court for Economic Crimes. Official Judicial authorities will provide additional information.”

This same tweet was also pinned on the official Twitter account of Estavi’s Bridge Oracle which is an oracle system based on the Tron Network. The announcement has negatively affected the value of the Bridge Oracle’s token, BRG as the toked declined over 65% according to TradingView analysis.

As of this time, there is no further information from the authorities about the matter.

Sina Estavi and Justin Sun’s NFT War

The first tweet made by Twitter’s Jack Dorsey turned out to be a sticking point between Tron CEO Justin Sun and Sina Estavi as both battled to purchase the tweet as an NFT. 

The tweet made by Dorsey reads “Just setting up my twttr” was at the end purchased by Estavi for over $2.9 million. A lump sum that Dorsey donated to a charity in Africa after converting it to Bitcoin.

Estavi has earlier gotten into another feud with the CEO of, Mate Tokay, who had accused Etavi of refusing to pay for his services in a legal suit. Tokay made further claims of irregularities in the supposed circulating supply of BRG and its actual supply.

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