Is Amazon Going to Launch a Digital Currency?

Amazon appears prepared to make its first foray into the crypto space with the firm making a series of job posts that appears geared towards launching a “digital currency” project in Mexico. This would be an effort by the e-commerce giant to keep its customers in its system giving them no opportunity to seek new virtual assets or anything of such outside of their stranglehold.

A job post labeled Amazon’s unannounced project “a new payment product” that would “enable customers to convert their cash into digital currency using which customers can enjoy online services including shopping for goods and/or services like Prime Video.” The job posting added that Mexico would be the pioneer country to have access to this new crypto development. Another job posting hinted that this new product might be targeted at its customers in emerging countries. 

The Jeff Bezos led company has recently been on an hiring overdrive as it has been hiring software development engineers “at all levels” to help it adequately prepare for its launch.

We do not know if the firm’s recent attempt in the crypto industry is in any way linked to its “Amazon Coins” initiative that allows holders to transact in Amazon-issued cash across web games. The internet company did not provide any information to confirm or dispel this story.

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