Is Uniswap Working on a Partnership With Paypal, Robinhood?

Leading decentralized exchange, Uniswap, could be in talks with leading fintech company, PayPal and two other popular crypto trading platform, E*Trade, and Robinhood. This was revealed via a recently deleted video where the DEX’s growth lead Ashleigh Schap spoke about the plans of the exchange.

The video first appeared on YouTube but was later deleted, however, it can still be found on IPFS. According to Schap, the protocol is in talks with these major firms in its effort to bring Defi mainstream.

Schap made this statement at the EthCC conference in Paris last week. Per her words, “to stay relevant with their user base is a huge, huge reason that all of these giants are starting to really look closely at working with something like Uniswap.”

She continued that “we’re trying to put Uniswap and the rest of DeFi right there in those applications that users are already using so that we can bring the dream of open, 100% uptime liquidity to the whole world.”

The Uniswap top executive also highlighted the advantage the exchange holds over other centralized exchanges. She noted that while central exchanges could suffer outages, it is almost impossible with the leading decentralized exchange “because its on-chain, its already deployed, and we couldn’t turn it off if we wanted to.”

Hayden Adams, the exchange founder, confirmed the statements made by Schap. In his response to inquiries, he said Uniswap was in talks with several fintech firms who were interested in understanding the decentralized finance space. He also stated that the deleted video was removed because it could be misinterpreted to mean that the exchange was already partners with the mentioned firms.

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