Jack Dorsey and Jay Z Donates Towards Bitcoin Trust in India and Africa

Despite the uncertainty concerning crypto regulations in select African countries and India, Jack Dorsey, the founder and CEO of Twitter, and billionaire American rapper, Jay Z, have announced a blind Bitcoin Trust fund that is worth 500 BTCs for developer teams in Africa and India. The fund would be focused on teams who are making efforts towards further developing the Bitcoin network. The trust has been named the “₿Trust.”

According to the tweet from Dorsey, the fund would have a three-man board that would oversee its use. A form was also attached to the tweet where interested candidates could apply for the role. The board’s mission statement would be to “Make Bitcoin the internet’s currency.”

Dorsey also recently made a donation of $1 million to a Washington D.C-based nonprofit organization, Coin Center. Apart from this, he has worked assiduously to help the adoption rate of the coin grow.

His social media company, Twitter, recently spoke about the possibility of paying their workers in the crypto asset. His other company, Square, also bought $50 million BTC last year. Recently, he also set up a full-Node of the digital currency on his Macbook, which means he now plays a part in verifying the Bitcoin blockchain.

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