Jason Derulo Buys CryptoPunk NFT

This year, the burgeoning crypto niche, NFT, has seen several artists, brands, celebrities, and footballers, express interest in what it has to offer. The latest celebrity to express interest is American R&B artist, Jason Derulo, who recently bought a CryptoPunks, joining the ranks of the growing number of NFT fans in the globe.

This became known after the American R&B artist notable for his discography hits “Whatcha Say” and “Talk Dirty,” took to Twitter to announce his newest crypto-related action.

According to his tweet, he is stepping into the space through CryptoPunks, one of the leading blockchain-based art projects, which has collection of 10,000 images depicting humanoid characters, developed by Larva Labs. They auction out the collections of images as non-fungible tokens on the second-largest crypto asset network, Ethereum.

Available information has revealed that Jason Derulo has become more interested in crypto recently. Back in June, the American songwriter, singer, and dancer announced his investment in Solana. He recently tweeted about it, saying it paid-off. In the tweet, “I betted on Solana in June. Wow,what a ride! #crypto.”

Back in June, Solana was trading at $25 but took aturn up this August, reaching an all-time high of $41, and made it to the list of the top seven crypto assets before spiking to a new ATH of $150 this September. He also chilled the asset nearly a week ago.

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