John McAfee Allegedly Commits Suicide in Spanish Jail

The crypto community receives a painful blow as a computer programmer and Dogecoin proponent John McAfee dies in Spanish jail. The 65-year old British and US citizen is speculated to have hung himself after his extradition to Spain. The cryptocurrency community decries the circumstances surrounding his death, condemning the prison system. 

McAfee was arrested in an airport in Barcelona on the count of tax evasion on October 3rd and had spent nine months in detention. Before his arrest, the McAfee antivirus founder faced a lawsuit for supporting cryptocurrencies. His lawyer said McAfee couldn’t bear his jail conditions which ultimately resulted in his death as Reuters revealed

McAfee created the McAfee antivirus which he eventually sold to Intel with the software still bearing his name. He took to active advocacy of the cryptocurrency industry and his fame gathered him a lot of crypto lovers on Twitter. McAfee led an interesting life, he had even attempted a shot at presidency under the Libertarian Party. 

What McAfee’s Death Means for the Crypto Community 

John McAfee’s death is generating a lot of backslashes from the crypto community on Twitter. They see his demise as a deliberate act from the US government who denied him access to a fair trial in his country. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) placed McAfee under trial for promoting DOGE and Verge (XVG).

The business mogul won the hearts of crypto enthusiasts as he advocated for them aggressively. However, most of the projects he supported were often controversial and some failed woefully. Accusations from the government of crypto fraud and a self-admitting evasion of tax for eight years made him flee the states and live in a megayacht. 

McAfee reportedly said that the government wants to use him as an example. The speculation would likely hurt crypto supporters who would see his demise as persecution for supporting virtual assets.

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