Investment Giant JPMorgan Expands Crypto Services, Looks For Experts

As America’s prominent investment bank, JPMorgan Chase, gears up to launch numerous new crypto-related positions, it is now on the lookout for potential employees with experience in the related field.

The payment giant’s job portal stated that it is looking for experts in Ethereum and Bitcoin markets. So far, it has as many as 34 crypto-related positions, which range from technical engineers to product managers. 

Meanwhile, several experts suggest that JPMorgan’s latest move shows its strategy towards digital currencies. Its new offerings are likely to fall under its consumer and merchant offerings. Interestingly, some vacancies are based in the US, while others are abroad, including some in Singapore, Mexico, and Greece. 

The latest move suggests that JPMorgan has changed its tack and now sees cryptocurrencies as legitimate assets over the years. On the other hand, with the mainstream adoption of the new payment methods and growing market, some experts have now predicted BTC to hit $140K, albeit a major correction is expected. 

Yet, only recently, the firm stated that the Bitcoin market could take a hit and said that he thinks Ether should have massive profits in the long run. Besides that, the company also plans to hire crypto-related legal experts to assist the investment bank in its crypto ventures in full compliance with government regulations. 

Over the last few years, the leading financial institution has pushed ahead with its crypto offerings, including a business unit for digital assets and blockchain technology. Not only that, but it also announced its JPMCoin for online dealings.

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