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Justin Sun Acquires Beeple’s NFT Artwork for $6M

Despite the recent boom of the NFT space, it has faced many criticisms due to its environmental impact.  A couple of weeks ago, Beeple’s NFT artwork “Everydays: First 5000 days” made jaw-dropping sales of $69 million. However, he has sold another NFT artwork called the “Ocean Front” for $6 million.

Mike Winkelmann, commonly referred to as Beeple recently sold another NFT artwork to Justin Sun, TRON founder and CEO at Rainberry. The “Ocean Front” sale is different from the last one in that the sale is towards a greater cause. The digital artist has decided to donate the profits made from the auction to the OpenEarth Foundation to tackle climate change.

The piece was auctioned off on Nifty Gateway and was sold to founder of  Tron was the highest bidder with $6 million. In just a few minutes towards the end of the auction, Just Sun outbid the music production company, 3Fmusic. Beeple expressed his shock via Twitter that such a massive amount was raised to combat climate change.

Twitter Users Call Out Justin Sun Over Beeple’s NFT Artwork

Justin Sun was also part of the highest bidder in the last concluded sales of Beeple’s “First 5000 days” on Christie’s marketplace. He revealed that he could have bought the artwork but was beaten out just a few seconds away from the end of the auction. Sun added that his last bid of $70 million was rejected by the house.

Sun is a controversial internet personality. Therefore, his current NFT acquisition does not seem to catch the crypto community by surprise. Many have called him out on Twitter claiming that his actions are just publicity stunts.

The proceeds from the auction will be donated to OpenEarth Foundation as part of the initiative to fight climate change. Due to the hanging controversy about NFTs, there are conscious efforts to employ safe environmental practices. Therefore, this move by Beeple is an active step towards preventing further environmental degradation.


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