Lady Drugs Man for Bitcoin

Casa, a crypto custody firm, has detailed in a blog post how one of its customers almost fell prey to a scam targeting his Bitcoin, having connected to a lady he met via a dating site, Tinder.

The blog post identified that the victim was a bachelor who was ensnared by the bio of a lady who claimed to be a “crypto trader.” Upon the exchange of pleasantries and getting to know each other better, they decided to meet in person at a coffee shop where they had a somewhat uneventful date.

However, the date took a twist when they decided to go to the man’s apartment. It was suspected that the woman took advantage of this to lace his drink with a substance, Scopolamine, which the US Department of State says in a report that it could render a victim unconscious for 24 hours or more. 

This led to the victim’s memory loss. According to him, “the woman had picked up his phone and asked him to show her how to unlock it and find his passwords.” And upon waking up the next day, he discovered that “his phone was missing, though his wallet along with cash, debit cards, and ID were still there.”

The blog post went on to say that the attacker had attempted to purchase digital assets from various exchanges and also tried to withdraw Bitcoin from the custodial services. While she was unable to have a clean sweep of his holdings, she succeeded “to get a small amount of Bitcoin” out of her victim’s hands.

What this demonstrates, is the level to which crypto criminals would go in their attempt to steal from unsuspecting individuals. Thus, crypto holders must strive to protect their wealth using all available measures to them.

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