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LeBron James NFT Set to Make a New Record for Top Shot

Whether the NFT bubble burst or it still has momentum is about to be tested. The test will be in the form of an upcoming NFT auction for three NBA Top shots. The three will be auctioned by House of Kibaa, an NFT auction studio. As per the studio, the three NBA top shots show slam dunks by LeBron James. 

The three NFTs will be auctioned in conjunction with Heritage Auctions and will take place between May 6th and May 20th. They will be sold in one collection. Details of the auction also show that every one of those tokens was taken in the pioneer stages of the NBA Top Shot. This means that they are incredibly rare, and whoever owns them will have one of the hardest to find collections of NBA Top Shots.

The NBA Top Shot is quite popular, and growth has been exponential since its launch in June 2020. As of March 2021, it had made sales of over $230 million. Data from Cryptoslam shows that Top Shot hits up to $1.8 million daily transactions in the secondary peer-to-peer market. Data also indicates that legendary tokens have been selling at record prices in recent times.

According to T.C Lau, a spokesman for the House of Kibaa, this could be the largest sale in Top Shot’s history. Lau added that all the items in the tokenized sale have serial numbers that will have significance to Kobe Bryant. The three on sale will have the serial numbers 41, 42, and 26, all linked to Kobe Bryant.

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