Lionel Messi Gets own “Messiverse” NFT Collection

The latest sportsman to buy into the NFT mania is none other than, arguably the best football player ever, Lionel Messi, who has partnered with Ethernity Chain to launch Messiverse, a NFT collection dedicated to his great footballing career.

According to an Instagram post on the official page of the Argentine sensation, Messi urged his followers to “discover his first collection of NFT’s on Ethernity” before adding that “Soccer is like art: It’s timeless.” It was further revealed that the collection is expected to go live on the 20th of August.

Bosslogic, a popular Australian-based digital artist, who has worked with household names like Disney and Marvel would be working together with the six-time Ballon D’or winner on the NFTs. The digital artist said:

The collection is a set of pieces outlining achievements, moments, team love, and future accomplishments focusing mainly on the man himself. Thanks to Ethernity, the dream of working with one of my favorite people in the world and one of the GOATs of our time, Messi, I have had the honour and privilege to create a set of pieces for the icon; to go down in history as his first singular NFT drop!

A Cursory Look at the Messiverse

The collection comes with three NTFS. The first is called “Man From the Future.” It features Messi in an Iron Man-Esque bionic suit designed with metal shoulder pads and blue neon lights. Bosslogic said this idea is derived from Messi playing soccer in the cyber football leagues of the distant future.

The second NFT is called “Worth the Weight.” It presents Messi with the role of the Titan Atlas, notable in Greek for his ability to lift the entire planet on his back. This portrays Lionel Messi as a good player who has carried the future of teams and players on his shoulder.

The third NFT is called “The King Piece.” It features Messi being surrounded by golden chess pieces, which means that the Barcelona forward is the king. He determines the fate of games when he is on the pitch. 

The fourth NFT will be unveiled later in August.

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