Localbitcoins now Accept Dogecoin and Cardano

For a long time, LocalBitcoins, one of the world’s largest p2p platforms, only accepted Bitcoin transactions. However, it is now expanding this to include a broader basket of cryptos such as Doge, Link, and Cardano. It has also added two stable coins namely USDT, and USD Coin.

In a press release, the platform noted that this was in response to growing customer demand. It specifically stated that customers had asked, and it had delivered several top-ranking altcoins as payments.

Besides the additional cryptos, Localbitcoins also announced that it had included a couple of payment processors. The new payment processors on the platform now include Vodafone Cash, Paysera, Airtel Money, and Paysend.

Localbitcoins has become one of the most popular P2P platforms for crypto trading in the developing world. In such countries, payment processors that are widely used in the developed world are largely unavailable. Prove to its popularity is the widespread usage in Venezuela, a country struggling for years now.

The platform’s exponential growth has not been without challenges. One of them is the increase in scammers. The most recent scam made away with $136k from the platform. The fraud took place in Venezuela, where two individuals were the masterminds of the crime.

Venezuelan authorities noted that the two criminals lied to naïve investors that they could increase their Bitcoin holdings. They then disappeared once the victims had sent the crypto. The best part is that the two were apprehended, and justice has taken its course.

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