Luxury Yacht Company Luxury Yacht Firm Accepts Payments in Bitcoin

One of America’s top luxury yacht firms announced their plans to start accepting the world’s most famous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, as a mode of payment and expected to see a forty percent growth in their revenue in the first year of accepting the virtual currency.

Besides that, Prime Experiences also revealed that their website and other mobile services would be shifted on the new blockchain technology, arguing that it provides more efficiency and security than traditional methods.

In its statement, the company further stated that it expects to generate more than 6.5 million dollars in the coming year, primarily from bespoke services for its clients and yacht chartering services. The North American firm has locked Miami as a possible source of collaboration.

José David Tobón, the company’s top official, stated that the firm was in talks with Miami’s mayor, who is the best know for his cryptocurrency policies. Not only that, but mayor Francis Suarez also said that the citizens should be able to receive their monthly pays in the world’s most famous crypto token. Tobon said,

With this type of currency many doors have opened, we are currently in talks with the Miami Mayor, who is interested in expanding bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the city. Miami could be the next Silicon Valley as most of the large companies such as Tesla, Facebook and Google are looking to enter the city.

In recent years, the crypto token has seen a surge in mainstream adoption as a payment method. Once a currency of choice for most web-based services, a growing list of physical companies, including wine sellers, supercar deals, and real estate agencies, has started accepting the digital token.

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