Pro-Trump’s Coin “Magacoin” Holders Revealed

The identity of over a thousand people who hold a pro-Trump cryptocurrency called Magacoin has been revealed. 

According to The Guardian, the names of these individuals, which includes conservative media personalities and Republican figures, were provided by a self-described hacktivist, who unveiled the reality around the cryptocurrency whose creators say it is made by America First Conservatives out of frustration with Losing the Electionand a desire to fight back by supporting “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) candidates. 

The leak became possible following a poor security configuration in a website associated with the coin. It exposed the email addresses, passwords, crypto wallet addresses and IP addresses of users who have bought into what its promoters describe as the digital currency for the MAGA community.

The data also reveals that the lions share of the cryptocurrency so far produced has been allocated to the self-described creator of magacoin, a pro-Trump consultant who owns an LLC associated with the cryptocurrency, and a Super Pac associated with the same consultant.

Incidentally, a vast majority of those who have signed up have only 100 magacoins, the amount offered free in initial publicity to early sign-ups who can claim their share of the 75 million MAGACOINS. The website, echoing widespread rightwing falsehoods about the 2020 election result, says it chose that number to represent the 75 million voters who were disenfranchised on November 3rd, 2020.

Other users, however, have greater holdings, and at least some of them may have taken advantage of the cryptocurrency‘s Ambassador Program, in which promoters are offering 1,000 free magacoins to approved radio hosts, media personalities, bloggers and grassroots groups who sign up to help promote the currency to their audience.

A standout account with 1,500 magacoins, for example, is associated with the email address of the rightwing broadcaster John Rush, who hosts the Rush To Reasonprogram aired on Denvers KXL conservative talk station.

He also recently played host on his program to Marc Zelinka, the owner of the Littleton, Colorado-based used car company, Carmart Inc, which applied in April for a trademark for magacoin.

Another email address is associated with the Youth Federalist Initiative, a Colorado Republican party-associated effort at youth engagement. The email suggests that the cryptocurrency is in the possession of Evan Underwood, a Colorado Republican activist, podcaster and chair of the Colorado Federation of College Republicans.

Magacoin has been connected in reporting by the Daily Dot with a North Carolina-based Trumpist political operative, Reilly ONeal, who is the principal of a North Carolina LLC, Magacoin Inc, which was registered last April.

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