Mark Cuban Says Ethereum is “Perfect Currency”

Mark Cuban, billionaire proprietor of Shark Tank and part owner of the Dallas Mavericks, has recently mentioned on a podcast he was hosted on, that he considers ETH the closest thing to a perfect currency.
Cuban, recently appearing on an episode of the Delphi podcast as a guest, expressed great excitement about the future of cryptocurrency, and discussed his portfolio, business practices, and speculations amongst other things.
While on the podcast, Cuban pointed out that ETH’s decentralized system of transaction and digital smart contracts made it the “Holy Grail of currencies, a perfect and true currency, free from State influence and usable for every form of financial transaction.”
He also went on to note that Bitcoin, was also a great store of value, good enough to be an alternative to gold, and also the best for money transfers. He did add that ETH still beat it, and that ETH was a more perfect example of pure currency.
Cuban, despite his stance on ETH, revealed that his portfolio was 60% Bitcoin, 30% Ethereum and 10% other Altcoins, stating that though ETH was great as a currency, Bitcoins ability to hold value was detracting from the value of gold, so he preferred to hold on to Bitcoin for now.
Though the Dallas Mavericks owner was a critic of Bitcoin in its early years, openly deriding the currency, he has however changed his tune a long time ago, stating that he still holds Bitcoin from the earliest days of cryptocurrency and does not intend to sell.
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