Marvel Joins DC Comics in NFT Race

The NFT space is on a growth trajectory. Big corporations such as Fox Corporation are already making in-roads in this space. The latest major corporation to get into NFTs is Marvel. The entertainment giant has announced that it will be launching NFTs through the Veve Digital Collectibles application in the latter part of the year.

The company has stated that it will release 3D models of its key comic stars as NFTs. Marvel will also be releasing comic books in the form of NFTs. In its press release, the company announced that the NFTs would take the format of other digital releases on the Veve marketplace.

Essentially, this means that Marvel’s digital assets will be in the form of 3D models that can be viewed using smartphones. They can also be viewed via augmented reality and virtual reality devices.  

While neither Marvel nor Veve has given any more details of the deal, Veve is already a massive platform in the NFTs space. It is already working with DC Comics for NFTs of popular comics, batman, and superman. Veve is also working with other top players in the entertainment industry, such as the Ghostbusters brand and Star Trek.

The adoption of NFTs by big entertainment players shows the direction that the internet is going. Anyone with something of digital value can now benefit from it through NFTs. The inventor of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners Lee, has pushed up momentum in this direction by turning the source code of the World Wide Web into an NFT.

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