Mastercard’s Latest Survey Suggest Surge in Digital Payment Options

A recent survey conducted by the global payment giant Mastercard suggested that the new payment methods are getting quite popular. It further added that the digital assets remained at the top.

Per the survey, which featured 15,569 participants from all over the world, almost 93 percent of the consumers are planning to use the innovative payment channels in the coming year. However, the Mastercard’s survey did not include Europe.

Among other methods, the survey highlighted the growing popularity of digital assets – as many as forty percent of the respondents maintained that they plan to use crypto coins next year. Besides that, the figure jumped mostly in Asia and the Middle East. In these areas, more than sixty percent of the respondents showed their willingness to use digital coins.

As the craze for new payment methods continues to increase, Mastercard also added six more fintech startups to facilitate new payment methods. Plus, these programs aim to ramp up the integration of innovative technology. Under the Start Path Program, these fin techs would initially benefit from Mastercard’s resources.

In addition to its growing interest in the crypto world, the global payment giant also started integrating digital coins after launching its crypto rewards card last month.

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