Mayor of Miami Mulling Over Investing in Bitcoin 

Mayor of Miami Mulling Over Investing in Bitcoin 

  • Miami city is considering Investing in Bitcoin.
  • Mayor Francis Suarez is open to residents paying fees and taxes in Bitcoin.
  • Statements from the Mayor indicate he is bullish about Bitcoin price and mainstream adoption.

Miami’s mayor, Francis Suarez, has indicated interests in Investing in Bitcoin. According to statements made on Fox’s Varney and Co show, he sees prospects of Bitcoin. He stated that he sees the need for pro-regulatory frameworks that would foster the use of cryptocurrencies in Miami. According to him, specific cryptocurrency-friendly laws will aid Miami in being one of the best places to conduct crypto centered businesses. 

Why more people are Pro Investing in Bitcoin

Bitcoin broke it’s last all-time-high with a record high of $41,962 on January 11th since it’s 2017 boom. While Bitcoin prices currently continue to range at levels below the recent peak, investors remain bullish since Bitcoin’s halving. Also, there have been recent cryptocurrency regulations and policies in Florida, aimed at increasing adoption.

Jeff Brandes, a Florida senator, has also reiterated the need for the State to embrace cryptocurrencies. He cites the need for pro-crypto policies in Miami. According to him, it would be a positive development for the international community in Miami. 

Miami mayor says Investing in Bitcoin would lead to more jobs

Suarez also cited the importance of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in creating employment. He also noted that crypto friendly less would only attract more high-tech companies to the city. Expressing regret about not being bullish about Bitcoin before now, Suarez stated that if investments had been made in Bitcoin last year, it would have yielded nearly 200% profit. 

The Miami Mayor remains bullish about Mainstream Bitcoin adoption and its prospects too. In his words, “Bitcoin will only continue to go up”


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