McAfee Speaks About Life in Prison and Reflects on His Life

John McAfee has tweeted that he no longer has any assets, including cryptocurrencies. The once towering figure in crypto said that the Feds had taken all his crypto, even though they still believed he had some hidden.

McAfee has been in Spanish prison since October 2020 on multiple charges. Some of the charges include tax evasion, promoting fraudulent ICOs, money laundering, among other crimes. The U.S has been trying to have him extradited, but the Spanish authorities have suspended his extradition.

Commenting on life in prison, the former software tycoon stated that he felt free. Despite his lack of freedom, and friends fleeing him, McAfee said that he regrets nothing.

However, he decried several challenges that come with being in a foreign prison. One of the challenges he highlighted was communication since he does not speak Spanish. He also noted that there was loneliness since the prison did not have any entertainment.

He particularly noted that the loneliness and feelings of emptiness were hardest on him due to his age. He said that while a younger person can endure it, it can take a toll on a 74-year-old person. McAfee was also critical of the prison food, stating that it was ever stale and cold except for the potato pie served on Saturdays.

McAfee’s extended stay in prison has attracted criticism, especially from his family. His wife recently stated that Elon Musk moves the crypto markets more than her husband ever did. Yet, he is free, and her husband is at risk of dying in jail.

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