American Rap Star Meek Mill Buys ‘Doge Killer’ Shiba Inu Tokens

Best known as Meek Mill to his fans, the American rapper Robert Rihmeek Williams took to Twitter and revealed his plans to buy the self-proclaimed Dogecoin killer, Shiba Inu token. The recent announcement suggests that Meek pushes ahead his foray into the digital assets market.

Interestingly, the musician already holds the world’s most popular crypto-token, Bitcoin, and Tesla’s CEO favorite meme token. The meme coins like Shiba Inu and others started making it to the headlines after the Dogecoin surged to new heights during the first quarter of this year.

Many experts credited Tesla’s CEO for the bullish run of Dogecoin in the crypto market. The majority of the joke token came to the limelight in late 2020. Although some coins were created before that, most appeared in this time frame.

The development comes after Musk rejected the world’s most popular crypto token and adopted Dogecoin. Not only that, but he also described BTC as the highly centralized token and announced that Tesla wouldn’t be accepting the virtual currency.

Besides that, SpaceX’s founder also criticized the Bitcoin miners and accused them of contributing to the global carbon emissions. However, Tesla later clarified in a statement that they did not sell their BTC holdings and announced his support for Dogecoin.

Many crypto supporters expressed surprise over the recent comments by Musk, with many experts suggesting that Tesla might be planning to launch their clean energy mining product.

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