Crypto Infrastructure Firm, Mercuryo Partners With e-Sport Giant

Crypto adoption has been a consistent growth path for the better part of the year. The latest is a partnership between crypto company, Mercuryo, and Ninjas In Pyjamas (NIP), a Swedish e-sports company.

This partnership will introduce NIP users to the efficiency that comes with crypto payments. According to Mercuryo CEO Petr Kozyakov, the partnership is a huge leap for cryptocurrencies and fintech in general. 

Kozyakov added that there are a lot of similarities between fintech and e-sports. He identified their forward-looking nature, as one of their similarities and strong points. Kozyakov specifically noted that a forward-thinking approach is a key driver to Fintech innovation, while in e-sports, it’s the main factor to winning.

Ninjas in Pyjamas (NIP) top management also had great things to say about the partnership. According to Ryan Tinslay, a level manager at NIP, the company was ecstatic about this partnership, especially during the upcoming BLAST Premier finals.

Tinslay added that it is now in the public domain that cryptos hold lots of potential both as a medium of transaction and as investments. Tinslay also noted that despite their growing adoption, many people still have a hard time understanding cryptocurrencies.

He added that this was the core reason why they were partnering with Mercuryo. Through the partnership, e-sports gamers would have the opportunity to enjoy the speed and cost-efficiency that comes with crypto payments. They would get to discover that such payments are much easier than using fiat for payments.

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