Metamask Exposes Phishing Bots, Saves Users From Theft

Crypto scams are quite common nowadays, driven the market’s growing value. The latest platform to be hit by criminals is Metamask. The fraud takes the form of a phishing bot that asks users to input their Metamask seed phrase into a google doc.

The bot is designed so that it appears like it’s coming from a support staff of the company. Metamask has today tweeted on this, warning users of the bot that directs users to a supposed instant support portal.

Besides warning users of this scam bot, Metamask also encourages its users to report this and similar scams. Unfortunately, the firm response seems to have come in a little too late, as some investors have already been scammed. This is evident in some of the responses to the crypto firm’s tweet, with some users asking if there was a way to get their tokens back.

This is not the first time that scammers are hitting Metamask. Quite expected for one of the most used wallets in the crypto space. According to ConsenSys, its parent firm said that the wallet had about 5 million active users as of April 2021. With such numbers, scammers are likely to keep trying.

In December last year, the crypto wallet exposed a rotten seed phrase attack that came in the form of a replica of the wallet. This meant the scammers were in control of the seed phrase of anyone who fell for the scam.

Such scams will not stop and are more likely to get more sophisticated. It is up to crypto investors to be more cautious.

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