Miami Launches Crypto Asset, MiamiCoin

It’s a win for the crypto space yesterday as the city of Miami has decided to take part in the plush Cryptocurrency has to offer. Announced yesterday, the city of Miami shared the good news of the creation of her Cryptocurrency, which is called “The MiamiCoin” ($MIA).

According to the launch, the purchase of MiamiCoin by the people of Miami will be rewarded with Bitcoins. Also, the proceeds made from the sale of the MiamiCoin will be used to develop the city and fund key projects in the city.

The coin is a brainchild of the CityCoins project. The project is geared towards allowing citizens and patriots who are passionate about the growth of their city to contribute and give support through the purchase of tokens. Both CityCoins and MiamiCoin help their buyers or holders generate Stacks ($STX) coins and BTC. Automatically, the funds used in purchasing the digital asset goes directly to the city’s treasury.

In the crypto world, this is a piece of good news. Despite the shakedown it has been facing with governments and specific agencies, crypto adoption continues to spread. As it stands, buying the MiamiCoin equals investing in the city of Miami.

Experts believe that the asset is about to get even better. They are of the opinion that the value of the coin will get to increase once residents of the city begin to use it. The more the investment made, the more the city’s coin rises.

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