Miami Looking to Attract Chinese Miners

As China continues to crackdown on crypto miners, other countries are courting them. One of the places looking to attract Chinese miners is Miami, U.S.A. According to the city’s mayor, Francis Suarez, Miami was looking to cut down on costs and make the city attractive to BTC miners.

In a recent interview, the mayor said that he wanted to make Miami a Bitcoin mining hub. His rationale was that the city could capitalize on the growing adoption of Bitcoin.

In a bid to make Bitcoin mining competitive and environmentally friendly, Suarez stated that they were looking into nuclear energy. He said that by using nuclear energy, the region would be more competitive to miners.

He also stated that he was in talks with a number of mining companies about the possibility of moving to Miami. He said that they were using Miami’s nuclear energy potential as a key to pitching to miners.

However, the mayor does not expect this to be without challenges. For one, he noted that overall mining costs are still higher in Miami than in China. However, he noted that they were working towards cutting on costs. He said that there is a certain kilowatt price per hour that miners want and that he was working towards delivering the same.

He added that miners that choose to move to Miami would get some more benefits. One of the benefits they would receive includes special crypto zones that enjoy special tax benefit and friendly regulations.

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