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Miami Nightclub E11EVEN MIAMI is Accepting Bitcoin

E11EVEN MIAMI, a nightclub in the United States, becomes the first nightlife venue in the country to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

E11EVEN MIAMI is an award-winning 24/7 ultra club, and is set to return from the shutdown after the COVID-19 pandemic. The clubhouse announced that it will accept digital currencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, and XRP as a form of payment for its tables, drinks, merchandise, and other services.

E11EVEN MIAMI has partnered with a major cryptocurrency processing company to achieve this. However, details of the the payment processor was not revealed. The CEO of E11EVEN MIAMI, Dennis DeGori said,

With the tremendous growth & relevancy of Cryptocurrency coupled with Mayor Francis Suarez leading the charge for Miami’s tech boom, we felt it made sense to introduce Cryptocurrency as an option to our guests to pay for their night out…E11EVEN is dedicated to always staying ahead of the curve, and we believe Cryptocurrency is here to stay.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, more industries are joining the digital asset space, plus due to the increasing demand for exposure to crypto by customers of these industries, market players have been forced to meet up with demand. The operating partner at the club, Gino LoPinto, says that:

Bringing services and amenities that cater to our cutting-edge clientele is of uber importance (to us), and we’re seeing an increasing trend of clients wanting to use their Cryptocurrency as a form of payment…We believe nightclubs allowing Bitcoin as payment will soon become a nightlife industry norm, and we’re excited to be the ones paving the way.

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