Miami’s Mayor Wants to Pay City Workers in Bitcoin

The Mayor of Miami, Mayor Francis Suarez, is looking to make the city one of the most Bitcoin-friendly cities in the United States of America as he wants to bring a different attitude and policy outlook on the innovation. According to him, Bitcoin is something he believes would be the “biggest story of the next few years.”

Mayor Suarez noted that more Americans are now more aware of the crypto asset and its potential. He added that he is considering new paths for the city in its quest to become a more crypto-friendly city. According to him, the city would be exploring any of these three paths:

  • The city is considering paying its workers in Bitcoin.
  • Allowing local fees and taxes to be paid in Bitcoin or other crypto assets.
  • The city’s treasury might place some of its investment capital into BTC. This would make the city the first in the United States to tow this path.

The city’s mayor however remains unsure of how much investment was going to be made into the cause. He also stated that he was going to be exploring this path with a view of a public-private partnership where the private partners would be able to take some of the reward for defraying risk from the public side.

It would be recalled that Mayor Suarez had labelled the crypto asset as a “stable investment” during an “incredibly unstable year.” He had also recently uploaded the white paper of the leading coin onto the website of the government saying that the city “believes in Bitcoin” and that he is committed towards turning “Miami into a hub for crypto innovation.”

Crypto Community Reacts Positively to The News

The crypto community has reacted positively to news that Miami would start exploring new paths towards becoming a more Bitcoin-friendly city. The CEO of Twitter and Square, Jack Dorsey, hails this decision and calls it “smart.”

Another notable name in the crypto space, Tyler Winklevoss was of the view that the mayor is “leading the way for governments and Bitcoin.” 

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