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12 Morgan Stanley Investment Funds may be Exposed to Bitcoin

Morgan Stanley, through a recent filing, has revealed that quite a number of its institutional funds would be offering exposure to Bitcoin. According to the filing, this exposure could be either indirectly through cash settled futures or through investments in Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC).

The bank went on to mention that at least 12 of its institutional funds would be involved in this development. Per the filing, the only type of Bitcoin future it’s institutional funds would be investing in would be cash-settled. “The only bitcoin futures in which a Fund may invest are cash settled bitcoin futures traded on futures exchanges registered with the CFTC,” Morgan Stanley wrote.

It also noted that its investment funds that would be investing in GBTC would have certain limitations in their investments. The filing stated that “the amount of a Fund’s investment in GBTC will be subject to certain limits at the time of investment.”

Recently, Morgan Stanley said it was going to be offering its rich client opportunities to invest in Bitcoin. This was due to the increased demand for exposure to the leading crypto asset by their client base. Notably, another top Wall Street firm, Goldman Sachs said it was also going to be offering investment vehicles for digital coins.

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