Moviegoers can now buy Movie Tickets With Crypto in Thailand

The largest movie theatre operator in Thailand, Major Cineplex Group, has revealed that moviegoers in the country can now pay for movie tickets using Bitcoin and other digital assets. This development is in partnership with RapidZ and Zippex —a crypto exchange and digital management provider in South East Asia.

According to Narut Jiansanong, who is the Chief Marketing Officer (COO) of Major Cineplex Group, the company is adopting new technologies so as to provide better services to their clients. Thus, the acceptance and adoption of cryptocurrencies would help to broaden customers’ choices outside of centralized currencies, and enable them to be able to pay for tickets anywhere, anytime, without any link. It was also noted that the adoption of crypto assets was fueled by the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies among the youths who are interested in technology’s convenience when booking movie tickets.

Others are Expected to Accept Crypto Before the end of the Year

While Major Cineplex Ratchayothin is going to be the first movie theatre to try this payment system, at least, 39 others are going to be trying this method before the year runs out.

As part of the trial for the system, moviegoers are to download the RapidZ wallet before selecting any digital asset of their choice for payment.

RapidZ Marketing Director, Wisara Chokdeetaweanan, reacted that leveraging virtual assets would allow businesses to further their business activities.

According to him,

We believe that the exchange of goods and services with digital assets is one of the broadest and clear use cases. It will also help businesses and enthusiasts leverage cryptocurrencies to further their existing business activities with the hot and exciting trend of cryptocurrencies. Of all countries around the world at the moment as well.


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