NASCAR Star to be Paid in Crypto all Through 2021

Crypto adoption for everyday transactions is on the rise. It is now at a point where even high-end real estate is being bought in crypto. The latest use case for crypto is in salaries payments, and NASCAR driver Landon Cassill is leading the way.

Landon has stated that he has entered into a partnership with Voyager Digital, a crypto exchange, to start receiving his salary in crypto.

Landon said that he was fully comfortable with the move since he is familiar with cryptocurrencies. He added that based on his crypto background, it was a risk he was willing to take.

Voyager CEO Steve Ehrlich commended Landon’s move. Ehrlich stated that he was happy that Landon believes in Voyager’s goal of crypto mass adoption. He added that the company was happy to be the first to strike a NASCAR deal that was done wholly in cryptocurrency.

Following the deal, Voyager will brand Cassill’s car for this weekend’s race with its colors. On top of that, the company’s employees will attend the race. Commenting on this, Cassill stated that with the sponsorship deal sealed, he and his team could now focus on the race. 

Another interesting facet to the deal is that Litecoin will be the main crypto for the crypto salaries initiative. LTC will be used to pay for Cassill’s sponsorship, and the news has been received well by Litecoin creator Charlie Lee. Lee said that it was a validation of LTC as crypto that can be used for everyday payments.

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