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NBA Top Shot Sales Surges Past $200 million

Popular blockchain-based platform, NBA Top Shot, which allows users to transact (buy and sell) officially authorized NBA collectible highlights, known as “Moments,” has recorded a huge sales of $205 million within the few months of its operation — with 65% of its total sales processed within last week alone, the platform generated $132.5million in sales.

According to CryptoSlam, a crypto analytic site, about $187.3 million sales was processed by NBA Top Shot over the past month – the figure represents a surge of over 1000% when compared to the prior 30-day stretch. It is reported that the Top Shot platform in the last 24hours has also added about 27,000 new users and processed 80,000 transactions.

Notably, LeBron James, one of the leading NBA stars had a single Moment sold for a record making fee of $208,000 on Monday.

NBA Top Shot Eyes Historical Highlights

There is an indication that Dapper Labs, the developing team behind the NBA Top Shot, has begun meeting with several retired former NBA players to acquire the rights to some historical highlights. This move would see them secure rights to major highlights that have dominated the basketball world in the past. Rumors also exist that the company is also planning to expand its collectibles to other sport professions like NFL and MLB.

The NBA Top Shot collectibles “Moments” has enjoyed some level of positive reviews as NBA associate Vice president for licensing, Adrienne O’Keeffe, said they “believe in this idea and believe it is a long-term partnership.”

Some notable faces in the game like, Orlando’s Terrence Ross and New Orleans’s Josh Hart, have also been promoting the Top Shot Collectibles on their social media pages by livestreaming broadcasts of them opening up the Moments packs.

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