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Netherland’s Biggest Domino’s Franchise to offer Salaries in Bitcoin

Netherlands’ biggest Domino’s Franchise is now offering its employees the option to get paid in Bitcoin.

The decision came on 22 May, which is also known as the “Bitcoin Pizza Day.” On this day in 2010, a Florida man paid for pizzas using ten thousand Bitcoins. He also became the first known person to have used cryptocurrencies for commercial transactions.

Immensus Holding, the franchise behind the decision to pay salaries in Bitcoin, has 16 Domino’s stores in the Netherlands. The company will allow employees to choose the amount of salary they want to be converted into Bitcoin. 

The decision was taken in collaboration with BTC Direct – a Dutch fiat-to-crypto gateway. Jonathan Gurevich, Immensus Holding co-owner, cited the enthusiasm about Bitcoin as the reason behind the decision. He said that the company’s employees are often heard talking about Bitcoin, and this decision will allow them to have a piece of the world’s prime digital currency.

The option of getting paid in BTC will only apply to salaries accumulated above the minimum wage. As per the Dutch Law, the minimum wage must be paid in Fiat currency. However, young people in the country, especially teenagers, generally make more than the minimum wage at Domino’s, so they could be eligible to make use of the offer.

Jerrymie Marcus of BTC said that opting for a Bitcoin salary option will be beneficial for the employees in the long run. He insisted that despite short-term volatility and decreasing values, Bitcoin is an ever-increasing asset. 

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