New York’s VanEck Investment Launches First ETF in Europe

A New York-based investment firm, VanEck, is planning to launch its ETF aimed to track the recently launched MVIS Digital Global Index which is famous for tracking the progress of the most liquid and biggest firms in the digital market space, VanEck’s plans are yet another milestone towards the mainstream adaptation of blockchain technology.

As of today, the company offers a brand-new bet for its investors, the company’s digital assets equity UCITS, with an expense ratio of 0.60 percent, and reportedly, the product has also been registered Deutsche Boerse and London stock market.

The MVIS index, which the DAPP tracks, includes as many as thirty companies that operate in the crypto and blockchain space. Interestingly, almost every company in the index makes more than 50 percent with crypto assets, including payment options, mining, and cryptocurrency trading platforms.

While touting the launch of its new product, Garbor Gurbacs, the company director, stated that this new product is an ideal option for investors interested in the new technology yet trying not to invest in the market directly.

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