NFFT Blocks to be Revealed on April 23

No doubt, NFT have come to stay. Non fungible tokens have in recent weeks changed the way people look at art and creativity. It has given value to things that people did not even know they could earn from. Artists, celebrities and other creative minds can now digitise their piece and get real value for what they create.

However, it has not been a joy ride as the process of minting NFTs has proven, up to this point, to be very complicated. Even after creating an NFT, finding a fitting market for the sale of these NFTs is difficult leaving auction as the only viable option.

That is where NFFT comes in. If cars need a car stand to sell and books need a bookshop, NFTs need NFFT. NFFT stand for Non Fungible Fillable Tokens.

What Does NFFT do?

The Non Fungible Fillable token Blockverse is an online space run on the Ethereum blockchain where potential buyers may purchase spaces and use these spaces how they see fit. These spaces are known as blocks. These NFFT blocks will serve as the marketplace for NFTs.

These blocks are very unique and on the 23rd April, block owners will find out the rarity of the blocks they purchased and the quantity each NFFT block can take.

After the revelation to come next week, these NFFT blocks will become fillable and the owners of these blocks could fill them with whatever they want.

It is expected that block owners will interact and even exchange blocks once the big revelation is made. The process of the acquisition of these blocks was random to make it as fair as possible and to promote networking in the NFFT community.

There is no doubt that NFFT will enable artists have total control of their art. Block owners will also be able to transfer NFT to and from the NFFT blocks.

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