Popular Nigeria Artist Pumps Meme Coin, Rapdoge

Popular Nigerian artist, Davido, is throwing his weight behind Rapdoge, a meme token that claims it enjoys the support of celebrities and rappers. 

In a series of tweets some days ago, the famous Nigerian artiste had advised his social media followers to invest in the coin and be ready to “make some money.” 

After all of these promotional tweets, the token saw a 100 percent upsurge in its value. However, the death of the hype surrounding the coin has seen its price rapidly drop since then too.

Interestingly, this is not the first time that the multiple award winning artist would be promoting a crypto-related project. We previously reported on how he had tweeted about his intentions to set up a “Bitcoin trading company.” He also had announced a partnership with a Ghan-based crypto firm, Bitsikaafrica which he had hailed as a “cure for all transfer and payment issues.”

Mixed Feelings Follow Davido’s “Rapdoge” Endorsement

The endorsement of the meme coin by Davido has drawn the ire of some of his followers on social media. Most of his followers cited his endorsement of a Ponzi scheme, Racksterli, that recently crashed and his “apathy” towards the fate of those that had invested in the scheme.

According to some of them, the artist could be playing the same card with the Rapdoge token. One of his followers advised the “If” crooner to “run a background check on Rapdoge so ur followers don’t take u at ur word & fall victim to scammers the second time. Publicize a brand only if u are certain it’s legit.”

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