You can now Mine Ethereum With Norton360 Anti-Virus Tool

NortonLifeLock, a cyber security firm, is planning to release a tool to enable users mine cryptocurrencies using its software. The new feature is to help users run mining operations safely without having to switch off the antivirus software. Norton will be launching this to support the mining of several top cryptocurrencies. 

The launch of the new feature kicks off from the 3rd of June. Several Norton users will be invited to participate in the first trial. The users will be able to mine Ethereum using the feature inbuilt in it’s antivirus software. 

According to the firm, mining services would soon be made available for its over 13 million antivirus users. Secure mining of Ethereum can be done with just a few clicks. This would efficiently decrease entry barriers while pushing open activities that would have likely been hindered by technical difficulties.

It is speculated that Norton would likely take a deeper approach beyond the mining of ETH. This is because it might not be able to make sufficient gains from it alone. 

Norton Pledges Superior Security Features 

The Chief Product Officer of NortonLifeLock, Vincent Pilette extols the company as one of the first to “turn the idle time on their PCs into an opportunity to earn digital currency.” According to him, this will be done employing superior security and ease. He reiterated the risks that average miners have to face by turning off their security to mine. 

A remedy to the solution would be in the form of its cloud-based wallet for miners to receive their earnings. This development will clean off the risk of losing wallets due to hard drive failure or malfunction. The firm has also expressed its desire to begin small and integrate more cryptocurrencies besides Ethereum in its new development. 

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