Norway’s MiraiEx Partners With Ledger Vault To Secure Investors’ Funds

A prominent crypto exchange in Norway, MiraiEx, revealed that it had selected an institutional-grade company called Ledger Vault, which is best known for providing extra security to crypto trading platforms to secure its digital assets reserves.

The exchange, which is available for Norwegian citizens, is registered with the country’s financial watchdog FSA as a custodial solution and digital assets exchange. The trading platform is likely to benefit a lot from the end-to-end encrypted security provided by the Ledger Vault.

Besides that, the investors and users will be in full control of their assets without worrying about governance, speed, and, most importantly, flexibility. The announcement comes after the ledger obtained a crime insurance program for $150 million for its platform.

Almost all the customers of Ledger Enterprise Solutions, including Norway’s crypto exchange, are set to make the best use of the pooled insurance for the crime. The company was launched earlier this year in March, and it provides services and products to institutional and enterprise clients.

Ledger Vault remains the main offering of the company. It customizes the operations of institutes and enterprises that require proven security measures.

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