Nvidia’s RTX 3060 Card Increases Ethereum Mining Hash Rates

Last month, Nvidia had launched a new system with the intention of reducing the hash rate of mining Ethereum on its RTX 3060 graphics cards. However, in what appears to be a twist, the new system is not achieving the desired results, instead it is unlocking new mining performance levels for the second largest crypto asset by market cap.

A Japanese tech website, PC Watch, had reported that the card could be breached without any changes to the driver of BIOS. The claim made by this report was later confirmed by another tech site, ComputerBase, and an editor with Hardwareluxx, Andreas Schilling, who both agreed that Nvidia’s new Beta Driver 470.05, was opening new levels of performance for RTX 3060. 

What this means is that the beta driver has not been able to achieve the desired purpose of its design. Nvidia had designed the 470.05 to test the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) performance and new features like OpenCL 3.0 support. As a result of this, miners would be drawn to purchasing more of the cards as it allows them to be able to get more than they did previously.

In essence, Ethereum miners now have a system they can leverage on to increase their mining powers and essentially increase their earning capacity.

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