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New York Governor Rolls out Blockchain-Powered Vaccination Passports

In compliance with state opening guidelines, the New York state Governor has announced the launch of a blockchain-based vaccination passport. The “Excelsior Pass” will help individuals store their proof of Covid-19 negative test result or vaccination status for quick verification. 

The initiative by Governor Cuomo is to aid the quicker resumption of key economic and business activities in New York state. Excelsior pass is a free, voluntary platform built on IBM’s Digital Health Pass, a blockchain-based Health Pass. 

Excelsior pass will securely store an individual’s recent negative test result or proof of vaccination for quicker verification. It is similar to a mobile airline boarding pass. Users can print out their pass using the Excelsior Pass app and can even store the pass on their phones.

Businesses and Venues can scan the QR code of the pass on customers’/attendees phones to verify their proof of COVID-19 negative test or proof of vaccination. However, the individual’s health data are kept secure while using the app.

Blockchain-based Vaccination Passport to Aid Quicker Resumption of Activities

The Excelsior pass is critical to the resumption of key business activities, events and participation across the state. Businesses can start informing customers and clients that they accept the Excelsior pass. This will assist businesses to quickly verify their customer’s vaccination status.

It won’t be surprising if other states adopt the Excelsior pass as well, since it is a quicker and easier way to verify residents Covid-19 negative result or proof of vaccination. With it, businesses can fast track the resumption of their activities. 

The Governor’s move with the Excelsior Pass is more like an approval of blockchain technology. This may also add more credibility or drive a wider adoption of cryptocurrency which is based on the technology. 

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