OKEx’s Latest Report Suggests Retail Buyers More Bitcoins Than Institutions

The recent bullish run of Bitcoin has been nothing short of a miracle, thanks to the retail interest during the last cycle. However, this cycle, the retail institutions have pushed the price per digital token to new heights. Interestingly, the new data compiled by Cattalact and OKEx suggest that during the widespread FOMO of the crypto world, the retail investors bought most of the digital token.

Over the last few years, OKEx has become a one-stop-shop in the crypto world, with its services and products ranging from digital asset trades, NFT platform, DeFi apps, and education tools. Given its worldwide expansion, the firm reveals yearly data, touching important sides of the crypto market.

Its latest report reveals how retail investors and institutions were behind the coins’ recent bullish run, with data suggesting that they bought most of the coins during the surge. Besides that, the report also revealed that the retail addresses with crypto holding have significantly increased as well.

The latest data by OKEx highlights the role of institutions in the crypto ecosystem. Yet, it suggests that retail trades took the lead in buying the BTC during this cycle. Meanwhile, the data from JPMorgan suggested that in the first quarter of 2021, the retail investors bought nearly 183,000 coins compared to the 172,648 bought by institutions.

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