OpenSea Launches Mobile Application

Per an official YouTube Channel post, Devin Finzer-owned NFT marketplace, OpenSea, launched a mobile app for its iOS and Android users.

With this just-launched mobile app, users can connect their OpenSea profile, discover and save new works to their favorite. It allows NFT filter searches by category, name, collection, and creator. Users would be able to view stats of NFT collection, get and follow links to exclusive releases.

However, the news of this new app launched has not cut across all its official channels, such as its popular Twitter channel, has not received the announcement. It is not clear whether the app is being soft-launched.

This app release came hours after Nate Chastain, OpenSea head of product, resigned on the request of the marketplace due to allegations of buying and selling of NFT using insider knowledge and information.

The marketplace reached a milestone in the past month. Its trading volume for August spiked to hit above $1 billion, and currently, it also accounts for the largest NFT trading volume recorded so far in September.

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