OpenSea Wants to Hire More People

The recent surge in NFT trading volume might be too much to handle for OpenSea’s team of 37 NFT experts as Nate Chastain, OpenSea’s Head of Product, took to his Twitter page, asking for help.

OpenSea is a marketplace for the Nonfungible token of blockchain technology and according to DappRadar, it has processed at least 98% of the trading volumes on a global scale. The recent surge in NFT trading volume or NFT mania has continued to overwhelm the NFT sphere since early July, largely goaded by CryptoPunks and Axie Infinity.

Since the surge, the NFT company has raked over $2.84 billion in one month, hitting an all-time daily high of $224.6 million on August 28 from 111,800 trading volumes. OpenSea also consumes most of ETH network fees, generating 21.6 percent yesterday, more than Uniswap and Tether put together.

In Chastain’s tweet, he said, “We need to ramp up hiring at OpenSea. We are 37 people handling 98% of all NFT volume. Referral bonus: We Will pay 1 ETH to anyone who connects us to engineers or designers that we hire. Resumes to Candidates: Use directly.”

According to his post, OpenSea is direly in need of staffs and will even offer up to 1 ETH to anyone willing to refer a candidate. The company’s career section on their website has been left open for candidates who fit the business development director, full-stack engineer, and finance manager job description.

He further affirmed that “Trying to supplement our hiring process with some guerrilla recruiting due to the pressing need for manpower.”

The interview process for candidates will be carried out according to their job description. He made this know with his words, “We don’t want to over-index on interview skills/algorithm work. We evaluate candidates holistically.”

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