Opera Integrates .crypto From Unstoppable Domains

Popular web browser, Opera has announced its .crypto domain name integration. This integration into the platform was setup by blockchain domain name provider, Unstoppable Domains. The new domain will be made accessible on various operating systems like the iOS, Android, Linux, Mac and Windows. 

This integration implies that the web browser will be crypto friendly and will be granted a seamless access to decentralized web pages. Users of opera will now be able to freely access web pages with the .crypto domain name. 

The browser, Opera currently has over 320 million monthly users who are active on the platform. The .crypto domain is originally not listed among the dominant Domain name service.

.Crypto Domains are NFTs

The .crypto domain names exist as NFTs. They operate on the Ethereum blockchain and they put NFT creators in the driving seat in terms of ownership rights. With the .crpto domains, it is almost impossible for an impostor to claim ownership over a space that does not rightfully belong to him/her. 

The average price that these domain names sell for is $40. This could be more or less, depending on the choice of the creator. Some other unique addresses in the space may sell for as much as $100,000. 

Access to sites with the .crypto domain requires almost the same steps in accessing a normal domain. An advantage that users of the .crypto domain have is that these domain names can be used for the transfer of assets, rather than the usual complex blockchain addresses.

Thus, it becomes easier for a creator or user of the .crypto domain to memorize his address. Errors associated with the transfer of assets will surely be limited with the .crypto domain.

The availability of a .crypto domain however, does not replace the use of a VPN. Users of the network who need more privacy may still need to use VPNs along with the new decentralized browser.

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