Origin now Guiding Users on how to Create and sell NFTs

The NFTs bubble may have burst, but this is in no way the end of the market. If anything, innovation in this space is only getting started. One such innovation is creating and selling NFTs using Google’s Cloud Marketplace Partner called Origin. Besides teaching developers how to make NFTs, Origin has already hit the ground running on the NFTs front.

It has already helped in the completion of two highly-rated NFTs. Back in 2020, Origin helped the Brave Browser shift from Shopify to Origin’s DShop platform. With this shift, Brave is now able to host a store that accepts BAT. Through this platform, Brave users have created 30 NFTs that were then placed for sale on the DShop.

This year, Origin has broken the record for top-earning NFTs. This followed the sale of a music album token for $12 million. Many other NFTs were sold during the auction, and freely traded. On top of that, the platform has been used to sell NFTs for the music of top-rated artists like Lupe Fiasco. It also has plans to help drive the launch and sale of more NFTs going into the future.

It offers insights into the direction that the NFTs market is likely to take in the future as more people start to participate.

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