Orion Protocol Introduces First Aggregator Terminal for NFTs

Orion Protocol is set to launch a non-fungible token (NFT) aggregator terminal, the first ever in the crypto space. This aggregator terminal would serve to improve accessibility to the NFT marketplace by offering its users a wide choice of available NFT tokens. To complement the aggregator, they intend to add an oracle that would offer fair pricing data.

As presently constituted, the NFT liquidity market consists of several trading platforms like Sorare and Nifty. Orion NFT terminal aims to attract a wider user base as they no longer have to hop between platforms and would now be able to use their preferred ERC20 token for payment.

Orion’s NFT Terminal + Oracle

In addition to the NFT terminal, a price oracle that would specific for NFTs would be added. It would provide fair market price data that are based on market sentiments. This way, Orion would be offering long term sustainability of the NFT market.

This could have come at no better time as NFTs are the rave of the moment. Mike Winkelmann, popularly known as Beeple, broke the internet when 5,000 units of digital art was recently auctioned for $69 million. This could be just a small fry. Damian Hirst, a British artist, had stated his plan to start a NFT themed “secret art project”. According to him, he has been working on this project for five years.

Art is not the thing catching the attention of NFT. A rare virtual collectible card that featured Cristiano Ronaldo at Sorare marketplace at $290,000. Beauty in The Streets, a company that is into performing arts, has converted some dance moves into tokens that can be used in video games and in apps. Orion Protocol’s mainnet is set to be launched in a few weeks’ time.

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