Orion Protocol Becomes First Liquid Aggregator on Cardano Blockchain

Liquidity aggregator, Orion Protocol, will be collaborating with Hong Kong based organization InputOutputHK (IOHK), in a seamless partnership that would see the protocol leveraging IOHK’s Cardano blockchain. The partnership will see Orion Protocol become the first liquidity aggregator on the blockchain.

Orion first tweeted on Thursday regarding the planned collaboration, and how its partnership with Cardano would see improvements in the “scalability and sustainability” of the fast-growing NFT space. Cardano follows a list of recent partnerships after Orion similarly signed similar deals with Binance Smart Chain and Elrond in the recent past.

The Perfect DeFi Response

Before now, there have been leveled criticisms in the DeFi space against Cardano for its refusal to support ubiquitous services like Smart Contracts on its blockchain. A lot of pundits even suggest the importance of Cardano blockchain to the cryptocurrency space might be over-exaggerated.

If anything is true, however, it is that there might be no stronger response to past criticisms leveraged against Cardano than its latest partnership. According to Orion’s blog post, the new integration with Cardano’s blockchain is not only perfect for the protocol’s neutrality and desire to integrate a lot of chains and exchange platforms, but it is also a sign of Cardano’s willingness to exploit the “NFT and Defi” space

Regardless of past criticisms, Cardano’s new partnership with Orion has been touted as the perfect response to the “fragmentation” of centralized and decentralized platforms that has characterized the previous decade. This move brings more interoperability and versatility to the way transactions will be conducted on both platforms.

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