More Value for PancakeSwap Users as new Updates is set to be Rolled out

Cake holders are in for a joyride as the platform sets to roll out new features. Pancakeswap is one of the biggest decentralized exchanges that is hosted on the Binance Smartchain. On May 25th, it published its April and May recap and thereafter updated users on the new features that will be released soon. 

The announcement was made by the platform on its Twitter handle. A link for users to access the updates on its site were also provided with several Pancakeswap users applauding the new updates. 

PancakeSwap April and May Recap

The recap are stats of the platform within the last two months, recent updates on Pancakeswap and a sneak peak of more features were released as well. Site users for April amounted to above 11 million and 14 million for May. Unique wallets for April recorded 1.87 million while for May was 2.9 million. The record for average daily pool for April was $1.3 billion and surged to $2.2 billion for May.

Source: Pancakeswap

Latest releases from the platform includes – New type of Syrup Pool — NFT, First team trading competition — Easter Battle, IFO V2, Info site Bounty, Auto-Compounding CAKE Syrup Pool, Emissions reduced to 20 CAKE per block and a lot more. Other recent updates were a repurchase of $23.5 million CAKE eventually burned. More CAKES from IFO V2, Prediction and Auto-Compounding were also included in the burn pool. According to the report, the platform will continue to develop more CAKE-burning mechanisms into its product lineup. 

New Releases 

The Pancakeswap community will be having a blast as its Info and Analytics site is set to be relaunched after an upgrade. It will go live in a week or two according to the report. A prediction Beta for the platform will also be launched in two weeks or three. A lottery smart contract that would offer lower ticket rates, lesser gas fees, and a newer gameplay would be launched too.

More features like voting, Guides, trading competitions, a portfolio and dashboard outlook, a V2 exchange interface, mobile navigation and much more. These new features will be dedicated to growing the platform and giving users the feel of seamless experience. 

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