Dark Web Peddlers to Serve Jail Time for $4.8 Million Worth Bitcoin Deal

After police investigation of two social media platforms on the dark web since February 2020, Salahydin Warsame and Jehanzeb Amar were arrested and jailed for engaging in cocaine dealings which amounted to nearly $ 4.8 million Bitcoin in the dark web.

The latter utilized social platforms designated as ‘TheOnlyLw’ and ‘LetsWork’ to sell cocaine from Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, and other countries in South America and event dispatching smaller packages through post offices in the UK. The two were busted by the police, who recovered heroin, $30,000 in cash, and several LSD tablets.

Salahydin Warsame and Jehanzeb Amar admitted to charges related to the acquisition of criminal property, conspiracy to supply LSD, heroin, and cocaine. Michael Harrison, the prosecutor, stated that police have been investigating the social media platforms operated by the latter. A report by Birmingham Live confirmed that police undercover clocked pictured of drugs on the website, and one of the sites had more than 1000 subscribers.

The group ring leader Jehanzeb Amar was arrested in Coventry, where drug preparation was done after a warrant was issued. Salahydin Warsame was arrested on the van, and police confiscated 250-gram heroin and a kilo of heroin.

On Wednesday 28th April 2021, a UK-based court sentenced Salahydin Warsame to a shorter sentence of 10 years and three months while his counterpart received a prison sentence of 13 and half years.

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