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Peter Schiff Expects DOGE to Hit $1, Suggests Wearing Laser Beams on Twitter Avatars

The CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, Peter Schiff recently trolled Bitcoin and its holders on twitter, while heaping praise on Dogecoin.

Schiff did not turn deaf ears to the recent bullish rally of the meme coin in the past week. The controversial CEO is largely known to be an avid hater of Bitcoin.

In his tweet on Friday, he commented: “So far in 2021 #Bitcoin has lost 97% of its value versus #Dogecoin. The market has spoken. Dogecoin is eating Bitcoin.” He also went further to argue that Bitcoin holders should concede that Dogecoin is better than Bitcoin since the percentage increase Dogecoin has seen in recent times massively outweighs that of Bitcoin.

However, Peter Schiff’s tweets did not go down well with his son, Spencer Schiff who holds a large portion of Bitcoin. Spencer Schiff gave a reply on the social media site claiming that Bitcoin will outperform every “shitcoin” in the coming years.

Peter Schiff shunned his son’s view and eventually described Bitcoin as an ‘Old horse’ while calling Dogecoin a ‘Shiny new sports car’. He also went further to encourage Dogecoin holders to put laser beams on their noses until Dogecoin reaches the $1 mark. This comment sprung up from the popular trend of Bitcoiners on Twitter with laser eyed avatars, indicating that Bitcoin should be pumped to $100,000.

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