Philippines are Earning Through Playing NFT Games

The Philippines, home to more than 111 million people, has faced dire consequences following the coronavirus outbreak. Reportedly, as many as seven million people lost their jobs.

But it looks like that the people of Cabanatuan City – a rural area in the Philippine’s northern province – have found a way to tackle unemployment and poverty by earning crypto through games.

A recent documentary film named Play-to-earn revealed that the village residents are making the best out of the NFT game Axie Infinity. Venture Beat, a prominent gaming publication, reported that the game is available for mobile and desktops. It further added that the game uses non-fungible tokens to identify digital items.

Not only that, users are  able to earn a cryptocurrency called Sooth Love Potion, which can easily be converted into any other token and fiat currency. While talking to the documentary producers, a local player of the game said that he managed to earn nearly $20 in his first fifteen days of playing the NFT game.

Interestingly, this has turned out to be a life-saving app for the people of the country who were already struggling with beleaguered economic situations. On the other hand, it shows the growing popularity and functionality of the NFT tokens.

So far, in the first quarter of this month, the NFT sales have topped a massive $2 billion, while more than $450 million has been invested in developing more NFT video games.

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